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I see fine without glasses. Why should I need a routine eye exam?

Clear vision alone does not mean that your eyes are perfectly healthy. First, your vision may still be not good enough for many activities such as driving, certain jobs and a number of sports (as many people find out when they take the vision test for driving, jobs, etc…). Second, if you have unequal vision, the “better” eye does most of the focusing while the other less active eye may gradually lose its function over time. This is critical, especially for pre-teens and teens whose vision is still in the development stage. Third, there are many eye diseases (such as retinoblastoma, glaucoma, diabetic or hypertensive retinopathy) which show no symptoms but will eventually cause serious irreversible damages to your vision if they are not detected early and intervened promptly. Only your Huntington Beach eye doctor, through a comprehensive eye exam, can diagnose any of these conditions and recommend appropriate measures to cure or control the disease. In summary, even though you have no vision problem or experience no vision change, a routine eye exam is always recommended to ensure healthy eyes and continued good vision.

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contact lenses Huntington Beach, CA

We are pleased to offer our patients who require both distance and reading prescriptions the new Acuvue® Oasys® for Presbyopia contact lens. Remember to ask about these new lenses and other multi-focal contacts at your next exam.

We also offer Oasys for Astigmatism to correct astigmatism, and 1-Day Acuvue Moist to alleviate dry eye condition.



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