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Special Service: Health and Wellness evaluation


What is my vision? … maybe close to 20/20…

What is my SC Score? —– ?

If you don’t know what your SC (Skin Carotenoid) Score is, then please read the information below

* What are carotenoids?
Carotenoids are phytonutrients (plant substances) found in a large number of fruits and vegetables (carrot, tomato, cherry, strawberry,…). They give food the bright red, orange and yellow hues. They are precursors of many 2nutrients including Vitamin A which are essential to vision, normal body growth and development. Carotenoids also act as antioxidants in the human body, protecting it from free radicals (poisonous molecular particles from sun radiation, chemical pollutants, emotional stress, …) that damage the cell DNA and other organelles. Carotenoids enhance the immune system and help combat inflammation, numerous diseases (such as diabetes, hypertension, cancer…) and the aging process.

* Why do I care about my SC score?
3Because it’s a direct and quantitative measure of how much anti-oxidant or protection your body has against oxidative stress, or in other words, how well (or how poorly) your body is fighting against diseases and the damages incurred upon you by the aging process.

The SC score allows us to discuss and design a personalized method that suits your life style to help you combat the diseases and improve your health.

* How do you measure my carotenoid level?
4Our office boasts the latest eye care technology, including the state-of-the-art S3 Biophotonic scanner, a non-invasive spectroscopic device that can measure almost instantly the level of antioxidants in your system. Measuring the SC score is a unique service offered in our practice. As of now, we do not know of any optometrist who owns and operates the S3 biophotonic scanner to assess the patients’ antioxidant level.

* Now I am very interested in knowing my antioxidant SC score and the methods to improve my health. What do I do next?

Please call our office to schedule a Health and Wellness consultation with Dr. Johan Tran. The Doctor will be happy to discuss with you more about the novel methods to assess and improve your overall health, besides your vision.


See Clearer
Look Younger
Live Healthier

In addition to his Doctorate in Optometry, Dr. Johan Tran also has a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and has conducted research in a number of research institutes including UC Riverside, UC San Diego, West Virginia Univ. and Cedars-Sinai Med. Ctr.