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Your Eye Care Visit: Top 4 Time-Saving Tips

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Your Eye Care is Important! (And So is Your Time!)

At Healthy Eye Center Family Optometry, we want to make sure we use your time wisely to best help you with all your eye care needs. We’ve compiled for you a few of our top time saving tips, to make sure we can get you in and out, and seeing the beautiful world clearly and comfortably!

  1. Bring the Right Medical/Vision Insurance Information!

    People often get these two types of insurances confused. While your medical and vision insurance may (or may not) be covered by the same company, they are still technically two different types of insurance, that cover different procedures and exams. Make sure that you bring the right information for your exam to help us more quickly find how and where to bill your exam. If you’re not sure about what information you need to bring, don’t worry. Bring as much information as you can, and our professional and friendly eye care staff will help you sort it out!

  2. Have Your Old or Current Pair of Eyeglasses and/or Sunglasses Handy

    If you can provide our eye care team with your old or current pair of eyeglasses, this can help us in a lot of ways. It can give us a baseline for where to start when testing your vision and deciding if you need a new prescription, and it can also help us get an idea of the kinds of styles that you like when choosing your next set of frames!

  3. Let the Eye Doctor Know if You’re Using any Medicines or Eye Drops Regularly

    Many medicines and eye drops, whether prescription or over the counter, can have significant effects on your vision. From blurry vision and dry, itchy eyes, to floaters and elevated ocular pressure, our eye doctor is familiar with symptoms that may occur, and can recommend solutions to counteract some side effects. It is also important to be aware of the reason for these side effects, so that your eye doctor doesn’t mistake them for an ongoing issue that these side effects might otherwise indicate.

  4. Contact Lens Wearers: Bring Info About Your Contacts

    If you are looking to replace your old contact lenses, be sure to bring in the box or packaging of your old contact lenses so that we can use that info to order you a new pair of contacts. This will spare us from having to make measurements, such as base curve, that we would more easily be able to get off the information contained on the packaging.

With the above tips we should be able to help you with all your eye care needs, and you can be on your way as quickly as you like! We look forward to seeing you at our eye care clinic, soon!
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