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More than just an Eye Exam

At the Healthy Eye Center in Huntington Beach our Optometrist and staff provide more than just a regular routine eye exam for eyeglass and/or contact lens prescription. We perform numerous screening tests for eye diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, and “lazy” eye. We treat a number of eye conditions such as infection, dry eye symptoms, allergic reactions, and computer eye strain. We also provide eye surgery consultation, and general eye health education. We also do measurement, adjustment and repair of eyeglasses that we provide. We also check and inform you what your vision insurance benefits are.

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Despite the current COVID-19 adverse situation, please do not neglect the importance of your vision and eye health.

For an eye emergency, please contact us at: 781-266-6870 or email us:

We will try our best to return your call ASAP. Thank you.

Rest assured that our office always operates under the highest sanitary conditions to protect your health and others’.