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Dr. Tran and his staff are very friendly, professional and definitely knowledgeable about your eye care needs. They accept mot insurances and if you have questions pertaining to your insurance they will get them answered. All around great experience. Krysta D., 06/2016

I’ve been coming here for years. Dr. Tran is the best & makes me feel so comfortable. He is very thorough with the exams and cares about my questions. A. L., 04/2016

My husband and I have been coming to Dr. Tran for years. He is quite thorough and his knowledge of new technology impressive. In this day and age with our eyes exposed to smartphones, video games, computer work etc., it’s nice to know he takes all that into consideration when assessing your eye care needs. He listens patiently and answers all your questions. The front office is also very helpful and friendly and their selection of frames is good. Debbie B., 03/2016

My experience was wonderful. They did a great comfortable exam. Everyone was very nice to me. Got me fitted with some new contacts. Took the time to get my perfect prescription. I would recommend to anyone. Greg F., 03/2016

Dr. TRAN is meticulous and thorough and makes his patients feel very cared for. His prices are very reasonable and competitive, too. The consistency of seeing the same well-trained doctor year after year is invaluable for my eye health. Sue M., 03/2016

Dr. Tran is an amazing eye doctor he definitely knows what he is talking about and is very open to all your needs! He is a kind hearted man that loves his job and you can tell!! I’m always happy to see him when I come in for my appointments!!! Brindalyn A., 03/2016

Dr. Tran is the best. My wife and son have gone to The Healthy Eye Center multiple times and have been extremely happy. Johan is fair and honest as well. Londie P. 10/2015

Dr. Tran is very friendly and approachable. He listens to me and provides easy to understand feedback. He is an excellent doctor and I have complete confidence in his ability to take care of my eye needs. I highly recommend him! Kellee Z. 09/2015

One of the best experiences I’ve ever had; starting with the receptionist all the way to the doctor. He is extremely courteous and patient, and even stayed after with me to get what I needed and make sure I was satisfied. This establishment is how customer service should be. .I highly recommend him to anybody looking for their vision care needs. Ryan G. 08/2015

Dr. Johan Tran and his staff are amazing! The eye exam was very thorough and the whole process went smoothly. I would highly recommend the Healthy Eye Center! Kimberly G. 04/2015

Dr. Tran is a great optometrist. I go here every year for my annual eye exam and really appreciate the personal attention. Dr. Tran is very professional and takes the time to answer any question that I may have about my eye exam. The staff is very friendly as well. I will be going here for many more years. Bobby B. 01/2015

Dr. Tran is an awesome optometrist. Not only is he very knowledgeable in his field but it is a very pleasant experience to go to his office. He not only helped me and my husband but also checked my 7 year old grand-daughter’s eyes when she had a small piece of mylar stuck in her eye. Great Great optometrist to visit!!! Carmen F. 12/2014

I used Dr. Tran at the Healthy Eye Center for my yearly eye exam and to have new glasses made. Dr. Tran was very thorough and spent much more time with me than I expected. He explained everything to me in words that I could understand. When I ordered the glasses they did not try to up sell me with features I did not want and I received the glasses quicker than expected. I highly recommend the Healthy Eye Center. Robert M. 12/2014

Just finished up another fantastic eye appointment! Dr. Tran and Claire are the most welcoming and down to earth people that I’ve ever encountered in a doctors office environment. They make you as comfortable as possible and just want to her the best solution for the end of your appointment! I come in for a routine check up and they remember everything about my last check up and really genuinely care about their patients. They are very punctual about appointments and respecting the patients time and scheduling. They really deliver in the customer service department. The price of an appointment is more than reasonable for the care and attention they give you! I would never want to go anywhere else! Thank you again Dr. Tran and Claire for everything you do!
Kathryn H. (08/2014)

Love Dr. Tran. Paid my first visit to them and was so pleased. I had been having a problem with my eye… pain, red, light sensitivity. He found a sliver of metal embedded in my eye and was able to get it out. Plus while there I, of course, had a full exam since I haven’t been to an eye doctor in ages. Dr. Tran is definitely my eye doc from now on. Vicki A. (06/2014)

They are so awesome there very very friendly and welcoming I’ve been going here for like 3 years now and I just love coming back wouldn’t go anywhere else!!! Brindalyn A. (05/2014)

I can’t say enough good things about this place!! Dr. Tran and Claire are both wonderful. I have been going here for a few years now and have always left very satisfied with their services. I recently made the switch from glasses to contact lenses and Dr. Tran was more than willing to answer what seemed like a never ending list of questions. He is very patient and doesn’t make you feel rushed or pressed for time. Claire is also very friendly, patient, and never makes you feel pressured to purchase anything from them. This office is wonderful and I would highly recommend them. Rowena D.(02/2014)

My wife and I have been coming here, along with our oldest son now, for several years. The optometrist has a good “bedside” manner, but I am especially impressed by Claire, who runs the rest of the business (I’ve only ever seen the two of them there.) Claire is friendly and helpful, and is experienced at providing great customer service. On my most recent visit, I mentioned during initial small-talk that I was between jobs and things were tight. She heard me and adjusted her service accordingly -in contrast to so many service “professionals” these days- because, although she has NEVER been pushy at all when suggesting add-ons such as available lens coatings or upgrades such as higher quality (and thus higher cost) frames, she went straight to showing me the selection of frames within my insurance allowance, and skipped all the fancy, non-essential bells-and-whistles add-ons that I would have had to pass on anyway. I was so impressed by this, that I am posting my first (I think?) yelp review ever, even though I read the site regularly.
Andrew H (01/2014)

Dr. Johan Tran is the most capable, caring, professional doctor whom I ever had and I trust him completely with the care of my eyes. (Carol C., 10/2013).

Great service. I started going here since I lived in the complex just behind their location in HB. I have continued to come to the Healthy Eye Center … even after I moved away because I know I can expect great service from Dr. Tran. (Makana N., 07/2013).

Dr. Tran and his assistant are very professional, thorough, courteous and knowledgeable. Their selection is excellent and the prices are reasonable. I highly recommend the Healthy Eye Center to everyone. (Annette H., 04/2013).

Dr. Tran has a great selection of frames / contacts which I appreciate and Claire is there to offer any guidance you need with your selection. The office is very professional and Dr. Tran is thorough in his exams and knowledgeable about steps to be taken if he sees a concern. I needed his knowledge when I came to him for flashes and floaters. He examined my eyes and made a recommendation that I followed and I truly thank him for my healthy eyes. (Chris J., 01/2013).

My family and I have been patients of Dr. Tran for several years. Dr. Tran and his staff care about their patients. They add that special personal touch that so many other offices lack. We will continue to see Dr. Tran until he no longer practices. We highly recommend Dr. Tran to all of our friends and family. (Johanne van R., 11/2012).

I’ve been a Patient of Dr. Tran for many years and he has provided me with the best consideration and care. All the time I could not ask for any better Doctor to take care of my optical needs. (Robert W., 08/2012).

I have always heard very positive reports from your patients, and they very much appreciate your dedication and professionalism. (Randall L. B., M.D. (Ophthalmologist), 05/2012).

Dr. Tran has spent more time than the other doctors would be trying to figure out what was causing my eye discomfort. His diagnosis and treatment was very helpful. (Olga B., 03/2012)

J’habite en France. J’ai des amis aux Etats-Unis qui vont au cabinet du Dr Johan Tran pour leur consultation annuelle d’ophtalmologie. Ils sont tres satisfaits de son service. Je suis allee le voir pendant mes vacances aux E.U. Je me sens tres a l’aise pendant la consultation. Contrairement a d’autres docteurs, le Dr Johan Tran est tres minutieux, et en plus, il prend son temps pour examiner mes yeux. Il a une tres grande connaissance scientifique de la vision et du traitement des maladies des yeux. Il explique clairement l’etat de mes yeux et me donne de tres bons conseils. Vraiment, c’est un professionnel qui sait prendre grand soin de ses patients. J’irai le voir surement, si besoin, a ma prochaine visite au E.U. (H. Stengel, 06/2011).

We now drive one hour to see our eye Doctor, but it’s so worth it. Dr. Johan Tran is very gentle, patient and it looks like he likes and knows what he is doing to take care of your vision. His practice in Huntington Beach is clinically clean with professionally trained staff; and also filled with an impressive collection of frames from renowned designers. Highly recommended Optometrist. (Raymond N., 04/2011).

Dr. Tran took the time and patience needed to help all 3 of our daughters get contacts. They were very nervous as they had tried with another doctor, but never felt comfortable until they met Dr. Tran. He never gave up or got frustrated when they could not get their contacts in their eyes. Today they are so thankful that he was so patient with them as getting contacts changed their lives. They were able to continue to play sports and not worry about broken glasses, etc… Thank you, Dr. Tran. (Chantel, Desirae and Dominique v. R., 10/2010).